pending and approved patents:

A. Dondzillo, A. Klug, and T. Lei:
System and Methods for Conducting In-Vitro Experiments.
Application 14483883, filed with the U.S. Patent Office on 09-11-2014, awarded 10-4-2016. U.S. Patent Number 9,458,420.

T.C. Lei, A. Klug, S.H. Pun, C.H. Chen, M.I. Vai, P.U. Mak, and E.A. McCullagh:
An integrated circuit for simultaneous electrophysiology recording and optogenetic neural control. Provisional Application 62/526,734, filed with U.S. Patent Office on 06-29-2017, full application pending as of 06-29-2018.

T.C. Lei, A. Klug, P. Ly, A. Abosch, A. Dondzillo, C. Liu, C. Chen, and E.A. McCullagh: Robotic Stereotaxic Platform with Computer Vision. Provisional Application filed with U.S. Patent Office on 02-27-2018, full application pending as of 02-27-2019.

T.C. Lei, Z. Mohammadi, A. Klug, C. Liu, S.H. Pun, M.I. Vai: Adaptive real-time neural spike clustering process. Provisional Application Filed with U.S. Patent Office on 05-09- 2019. Application Number 62/845,744.